A bord de Maewan.
Stress and fatigue: initial feedback

Almost a year after the launch of the Improve Your Way research programme, aimed at preventing and better managing stress and fatigue, we provide an update on the progress of this project so...

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13 March 2017, by  in
Press review: Maewan, a base camp floating around the world

Presentation of the Maewan adventure in Les Others, byLucy Paltz. It’s not a world tour like any other. It is a world tour of the most beautiful spots of adventure, with a boat...

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5 March 2017, by  in
Point 6 mois
Improve your way: six-month review

A little more than six months after its launch, we take a look at this programme aimed at preventing and better managing stress and fatigue, in order to improve well-being and efficiency at...

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13 October 2016, by  in
traversée entre Groenland et Baffin
Between Greenland and Baffin Island

Some news from the Maewan and the traverse between Greenland and Baffin Island: “Yesterday, July 25th, at noon, after traversing two-thirds of Baffin Bay by sail, through both fog and sunny weather, we...

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28 July 2016, by  in
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