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Maewan, the film

See the film of the first Maewan expedition (2015)
(18 min., Produced by Petzl – Guillaume Broust)

Erwan Le Lann, captain of the Maewan:

“The Maewan project started with a desire to explore the oceans and wildernesses, making the most of all that I had learnt over the years. I bought a yacht, the Maewan IV, strong enough to take on these harsh surroundings. She has become a platform open to adventurous spirits like myself, enthusiastic about their activities and experts in their respective fields. For four years, we have travelled the seas, seeking unexplored sites in the great North, on the Asian coast, the Pacific islands and the Southern ocean.
We left Brittany on 8 February 2015 and then, after some ice fall climbing in Iceland, we decided, at the end of March and despite the wintry conditions, to head for the spectacular mountains of southern Greenland and make landfall in the frozen fjords to ski the pristine slopes and gullies.
This film covers a portion of our adventure, from when we left Ísafjörður in Iceland with two boats, each carrying a crew of experts (yachtsmen, freeride skiers, climbers, photographers and film cameramen) on our journey to Greenland. We explored the west coast of Greenland until the end of August, changing the crew as we took on skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, exploration and more.
In June 2016 we will be departing for the North West Passage, and ultimately heading for the Kamchatka peninsula in eastern Russia. A busy summer of research, sample collection and photography awaits.”

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