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Program stakeholders

Patrick Basset

Patrick Basset

A French anaesthetist and resuscitation specialist, mountain rescue doctor and medical director of a company specialising in medical assistance for outdoor sports, Patrick Basset has supervised major sporting events in France including the Paris International Marathon, stages on the Tour de France, and the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. He has acted as thesis director for numerous medical theses relating to ultra-endurance sports. He particularly enjoys supporting sporting events in non-stadium settings. He is also chairman of the Ultra Sports Science foundation and research funding organisation.

His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: dreams of the extreme, sport and power naps.


Christophe Camilli

After starting his career as an organiser of sporting events, Christophe Camilli worked for 16 years as an insurance broker specialised in special risks. He qualified as a Risk Manager in 2008, and then focused his work on risk prevention.
In 2015 he founded A-TESTA, specialised in corporate risk management and insurability. Risk prevention aspects, including psychosocial risks, are pervasive in many aspects of his work.
His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: work in an environment in which he has a degree of control over imposed constraints.

Bruno Basset

Bruno Basset

After graduating with a Master’s degree in Management and a diploma in Crisis management and internal security, Bruno Basset worked as a nurse with the Paris emergency ambulance and fire brigades from 1994 to 2000. Since 2000 he has been the managing director of Dokever, a medical assistance company which coordinates medical emergency services for major national and international events (Paris International Marathon, events for the general public organised by Amaury Sport Organisation, World Equestrian Games, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, etc.).
His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: breathing, power naps, sport and nature; it is also important to know one’s abilities and limits, and not to disregard warning signs.

Remy Hurdiel

Rémy Hurdiel

For the last ten years, Rémy Hurdiel, who holds a doctorate in Sports Sciences (Researcher for the sport, health and society research unit at the University of the Littoral Opal Coast), has worked on sleep management preparation for athletes. In particular, he has worked with the French single-handed offshore racing centre, preparing leading yachtsmen for the Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum and Solitaire du Figaro races. More recently he has also helped amateur sportsmen and women to prepare their adventures. He also works closely with American research teams to set up sleep management methods. Still a high-level international yachtsman, at age 38 he is first and foremost a devotee of the great outdoors and outdoor sports.

His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: organise day-to-day activities around one’s own biological rhythm, and regularly exercise in natural settings.

Erwan Le Lann

Erwan Le Lann

Erwan Le Lann, a native of Brittany, has been sailing since childhood. He is also a high-altitude mountain guide and has spent the last 20 years on the highest peaks of the planet, honing his skills in mountaineering, glacier and rock climbing, and base jumping.

With the Maewan project, he welcomes team members on his floating base camp to partake in an incredible human adventure. Numerous projects are in the works, with Erwan forming the foundations and the link between them all.

His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: know your subject well in order to take a step back without panicking, know your own limits and take a rest, however brief, when the time is right.


Fabrice Vermot-Desroches

After a civil engineering degree, Fabrice Vermot-Desroches started his career in the construction and business real estate industry, and was subsequently involved in early mobile telephony deployment work in the centre and east of France. He developed a profit centre focused on this activity, then moved to the transport and mobility sector, taking charge of projects, and subsequently bids, for rail infrastructure in France and abroad. He broadened his horizons to cover roads and tunnels, as part of complex project proposals, and is now in charge of multi-disciplinary projects for Mobility.

His recipe for managing stress and fatigue: sport, a good work-life balance, doing and teaching Aikido, power naps.


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