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Research and innovation serving prevention

Faced with the challenges of fatigue, stress management, psychological pressure and psychosocial risks in general, Mobility is involved in a research programme that combines theoretical input and experimental results on the one hand, and a study comparing situations encountered on our projects (feedback reports) and on the forthcoming Maewan expedition on the other.
A team of university researchers specialising in these fields will join forces and use the next expedition of the Maewan, due to leave in early May, as a case study offering opportunities for experimentation. An expert in medical assistance for major events will coordinate the work and will supervise the analysis of feedback reports.

The aims are as follows:

  • Understand how fatigue and stress can prevent people doing their job properly.
  • Determine strategies to reduce fatigue and stress levels.
  • Apply these strategies to cope with operational fatigue and stress by determining target areas for prevention, information and regulation, implementing measures, organisations and managerial methods that can prevent or reduce these phenomena.

Mobility staff will contribute extensively, individually and jointly, by submitting, collecting and analysing feedback reports, enabling the innovative programme to take a holistic approach to the challenges encountered and the concrete suggestions which will be enriched and shared with the various working groups set up, and also compared with the Maewan “mirror” group, resulting in dynamic synergies.

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