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Improve your way: six-month review

A little more than six months after its launch, we take a look at this programme aimed at preventing and better managing stress and fatigue, in order to improve well-being and efficiency at work.

A reminder of the three aspects of this programme:

  • Since the launch of the Maewan expedition, in June 2016, the scientific aspect has been in full swing. Successive crews are doing their utmost to complete the daily and weekly questionnaires, and the sensors with which they are equipped read and record various physical measurements. This mass of data is sent to the UREPSSS laboratory. Analytical and statistical processing is under way, but will not reach its full scope until the Maewan’s return, when all of the data will be compiled and cross-referenced with the on-board log.
  • Next, each major event on board (technical or sailing problems, malfunctions, weather conditions, etc.) will be covered in a report on the interpersonal relations and discussions resulting from the event, so as to better understand the environment in which decisions were made and the perspectives of everyone involved. The aim at this stage is to “cross-reference” this way of working with the way that things are done at Mobility.
  • Lastly, at Mobility, the 40 employees taking part in the feedback phase, spanning five different projects, have all been individually interviewed. Then, working together, they came up with 14 suggestions to improve the management of stress and fatigue. Then it was time to share and discuss these suggestions between the groups. This stage highlighted six suggestions that will be given priority in the coming weeks and months, under the supervision of our business unit managers.

We await the initial findings with bated breath. Already, at this stage, we have seen a high level of commitment, motivation and professionalism from all involved, which is reflected in the success of the programme so far.

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