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Stress and fatigue: initial feedback

Almost a year after the launch of the Improve Your Way research programme, aimed at preventing and better managing stress and fatigue, we provide an update on the progress of this project so far.
The Maewan expedition having completed its voyage in October, the scientific part of the project has moved on to the stage of statistical analysis of all the data collected aboard. The successive crews conscientiously completed all the questionnaires, despite the extreme conditions encountered during the voyage. The data collected (almost 9300 parameters) have been individually analysed, correlated with one another and cross-referenced with the log book to provide different viewpoints and feed into the scientific summary. The preliminary conclusions have already been delivered by UREPSSS (a multi-disciplinary research unit looking at sport, health and society) and the final publication will be out soon.In addition to the scientific part, events having an impact on the psychological fatigue of the crew members on board have been reported by the skipper and analysed from a more organisational and managerial point of view. The stress factors are identified and contribute to evaluating feedback from the Maewan.On the Mobility side, all the work undertaken jointly by our project teams and the important reflection process and associated feedback have led to the emergence of 14 improvement proposals, each of which aims to reduce the exposure of our project teams to the organisational stress generated by their environment. Of these proposals, six have been given priority consideration for the time being. The working groups are getting ready to implement these as soon as possible and in various forms: experimentation on test sites, application in our processes, tools and organisation. This approach of bringing evaluation on board will enable it to be integrated gradually, until full implementation is achieved.

All parties involved remain fully mobilised, so we can look forward to a wealth of results, directly in line with the initial project specifications.

The next and last stage will be the alignment of the three aspects of this programme to maximise the efficiency of the solutions proposed.

More information on Improve Your Way.

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