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initial observations

Initial observations are in!

As they prepare to leave Greenland on their big adventure through the North West Passage, Erwan Le Lann and his crew have found time to send us some valuable scientific data.

We are using various measurement techniques, which we will explain again in our forthcoming posts, enabling us to monitor on a daily and weekly basis changes in factors that relate to the crew’s sleeping habits and fatigue.

For the moment, they are in a preparation phase, so observations reveal no major problems, aside from a period of adaptation to a new environment upon arrival in Greenland from France.

This image illustrates the fatigue status of a crew member based on observation of his sleeping times. This curve is very theoretical and gives only a general outline of this crew member’s condition. We can see that there is a low level of fatigue and that there have been a few episodes of acute fatigue (following a late night, for example), but no chronic fatigue.

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