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forcing to sleep; se forcer à dormir
Forcing yourself to sleep is pointless

If the time isn’t right, or the time has passed, there’s no point in trying to force it. Do you end up constantly tossing and turning? Unable to find a comfortable position to...

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14 June 2016, by  in
initial observations
Initial observations are in!

As they prepare to leave Greenland on their big adventure through the North West Passage, Erwan Le Lann and his crew have found time to send us some valuable scientific data. We are...

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10 June 2016, by  in
Tips for a good night’s sleep

A number of readers of this blog have recently asked about the factors that influence how we fall asleep and how well we sleep. I have attempted to address these questions by discussing a...

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2 June 2016, by  in
café; coffee
Why is coffee so effective at masking tiredness?

Many of us feel that a morning coffee is essential. But why is it so enjoyable? Might it not be just a good way of hiding acute or chronic fatigue? This short video...

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23 May 2016, by  in
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