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café; coffee
Why is coffee so effective at masking tiredness?

Many of us feel that a morning coffee is essential. But why is it so enjoyable? Might it not be just a good way of hiding acute or chronic fatigue? This short video...

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23 May 2016, by  in
Journée mondiale de la sécurité; World day for safety
World day for safety and health at work

Review of news articles on the web related to the World day for safety and health at work held on 28 April. Why workplace stress is a collective challenge and what to do...

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2 May 2016, by  in
Theoretical benefits of sleep

Scientific consensus is that sleep is an unconscious state essential for life, and that humans spend approximately eight of every 24 hours, or roughly one third of their lives, sleeping. This observation suggests that...

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1 May 2016, by  in
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