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An update on joint meetings

With the individual interviews almost completed, we are now turning our attention to the feedback workshops. The programme’s contributors are concentrating all of their efforts on joint working meetings aiming firstly to summarise...

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24 June 2016, by  in
initial observations
Initial observations are in!

As they prepare to leave Greenland on their big adventure through the North West Passage, Erwan Le Lann and his crew have found time to send us some valuable scientific data. We are...

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10 June 2016, by  in
Film improve your way; Improve your way le film
Improve your way : the film

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10 May 2016, by  in
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

All the questions you have about sleep, stress management , wellbeing at work … but also on Improve your way research program.   Questions about sleep Should we encourage an early night ‘s sleep?...

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5 May 2016, by  in
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